Harald schwefel thesis

Selected recent publications wave chaos & optics quantum chaos / electronics mesoscopic physics / quantum measurment mesoscopic physics general ph d theses selected recent publications time-reversed lasing and interferometric control of absorption wenjie wan, y d chong, li ge, heeso noh,. Arxiv:physics/0308001v1 [physicsoptics] 31 jul 2003 dramatic shape sensitivity of directional emission patterns from similarly deformed cylindrical polymer lasers harald g l schwefel, nathan b rex, hakan e tureci, richard k chang and a douglas stone yale university, department of applied physics po box. Biogenem schwefel und zur biotechnologischen sulfidentfernung durch grüne- und purpurschwefelbakterien dissertation zur erlangung des grades eines doktors der naturwissenschaften helge mühl bei harald schunck bedanke ich mich ganz besonders für die engagierte und exzellente hilfe bei laborarbeiten. Nonlinear and quantum optics with whispering gallery resonators, d v strekalov, c marquardt, a b matsko, h g l schwefel, and g leuchs, journal of optics, vol 18, iss 12, p phd thesis h g l schwefel, directionality and vector resonances of regular and chaotic dielectric microcavities, phd thesis, 2004. Thanks must also go to harald schwefel and his group at the max planck institute for the science of light in erlangen, germany not only did they fabricate the whispering gallery mode resonator used in this thesis work but they also welcomed me into their group for 2 weeks to learn about whispering gallery mode.

His thesis mainly involved micro-fabrication of gallium arsenide disk resonators and cryogenic optomechanical experiments simon (university of calgary), daniel greif (harvard university), harald schwefel (university of otago), william hease (university paris diderot-paris7), johannes majer (tu wien), oskar painter. Schwefel-bilanz von agrarökosystemen unter besonderer berücksichtigung hydrologischer und bodenphysikalischer standorteigenschaften phd thesis, technical university of braunschweig bottrell sh, smart pi, whitaker f, raiswell r 1991 geochemistry and isotope systematic of sulfur in the mixing zone of bahamian. In presenting this thesis in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a postgraduate degree from the university of saskatchewan i would like to dedicate this thesis to my parents harald and christa schöne iv problem equation (415), the schwefel's p222 test problem equation (418), the sphere test prob- lem equation.

Alfredo rueda, florian sedlmeir, michele c collodo, ulrich vogl, birgit stiller, gerhard schunk, dmitry v strekalov, christoph marquardt, johannes m fink, oskar painter, gerd leuchs, and harald g l schwefel optica 3, 597 (2016) phd thesis: quantum nonlinearities in strong coupling circuit qed johannes m fink. Schwankungen im schwefel- und sauerstoffisotopensignal im karbonatsubstituiertem sulfat beweisen am und nach this thesis consist of an introductory part, which includes a background of the end-permian mass extinction first-author performed research and analysed data with contributions from harald strauss and. Genehmigte kumulative dissertation vorgelegt von korreferenten: prof dr harald kolmar prof dr daniel rauh (tu dortmund) tag der einreichung: 26 märz 2012 tag der mündlichen prüfung: 21 mai 2012 darmstadt 109-110 schwefel-aren-wechselwirkungen sind häufig in biologischen systemen vorzufinden. 151 seiten, dissertation universität stuttgart (2017), softcover, a5 euro 72,00 inkl 7% mwst 978-3-8439-3470-1 carina dressel [erscheint am 31 dezember 2018] synthese und charakterisierung von lithium-schwefel-basierten kathoden und ionenleitern.

Optical frequency combs have resulted in significant advances in optical frequency metrology and found wide application to precise physical measurements and molecular fingerprinting a direct analogue of frequency combs in the phononic or acoustic domain has not been reported to date this thesis. Particular, i would like to thank dr chris berry and dr leopoldo martin for their insight and collaboration on many different experiments much of the experimental work in this dissertation owes its completion to advice and assitance from prof mani hossein-zadeh, dr harald schwefel, and dr matt eichenfield last, i would. Group theses in caltechthesis birgit stiller, gergard schunk, dmitry v strekalov, christoph marquardt, johannes m fink, oskar painter, gerd leuchs, and harald g l schwefel, efficient microwave to optical photon conversion: an electro-optical realization, optica, doi: 101364/optica3000597, june 6, 2016 (pdf.

In this thesis we study artificial intelligence methods, rule-based expert systems in particular, for the task of by harald eufinger developed a workflow for preoperative individual skull implant manufacturing based in germany ingo rechenberg and hans-paul schwefel developed the evolutionary strategies [ rech 73. Dramatic shape sensitivity of directional emission patterns from similarly deformed cylindrical polymer lasers hgl schwefel, nb rex, he tureci, rk chang, ad stone josa b 21 (5), 923-934, 2004 184, 2004 fresnel filtering in lasing emission from scarred modes of wave-chaotic optical resonators nb rex, he tureci,. Curriculum vitae education and position held 1968 - 1976 high school 1976 - 1977 military service 1977 - 1984 study of biology at the universities of salzburg and vienna, finished with a magisterium for teaching biology, physics and chemistry at the university of vienna 1983 - 1989 phd thesis on 'water spring.

Harald schwefel thesis

( dissertation, 2015 , universität bayreuth, fakultät für biologie, chemie und geowissenschaften) zandler, harald: assessment of woody biomass and solar energy resources with analyse der physiologischen funktion von mitgliedern der rieske-typ eisen-schwefel-proteinfamilie in der inneren plastidenhülle. Biography i began my physics training in germany at the brandenburg technical university in cottbus in 1998 i began graduate study at yale university, usa where i received my phd in theoretical physics in 2004 on the topic of chaotic dielectric resonators following a short stay in japan, i established myself as an.

  • Diplomarbeiten / master's or diploma theses 2018 gückstock, oliver: characterizing spintronic materials by terahertz spectroscopy tu berlin 2018 2017 paßler, nikolai: excitation of surface phonon polaritons with an infrared free electron laser fu berlin 2017 eisbach, maximilian: entropy, dissipation and.
  • Bei alexander, burkhard, carmen, christopher, frank, gunnar, hans-christian, harald, ingo jan, margaret, oli, tobi abstract this thesis focuses on the experimental and theoretical investigation of small molecules containing die synthese und systematische charakterisierung neuer schwefel-stickstoff- sowie neuer.
  • Referee: harald schwefel document type: doctoral thesis language: english year of completion: 2016 embargo date: 2017/02/15 publishing institution: friedrich-alexander-universität erlangen-nürnberg (fau) granting institution: friedrich-alexander-universität erlangen-nürnberg (fau).

Dissertation, 2018 more dehling, marco: dressel, carina: synthese und charakterisierung von lithium-schwefel-basierten kathoden und ionenleitern dissertation, 2017 more jungbauer, stefan harald: application of multidentate halogen-bond donors in organocatalysis and recognition dissertation, 2015. Dmitry v strekalov1,2, christoph marquardt2,3, andrey b matsko4, harald g l schwefel2,3,5 and gerd leuchs2,3 published 16 crossref [202] kippenberg t j 2004 nonlinear optics in ultra-high-q whispering-gallery optical microcavities phd thesis california institute of technology pasadena, usa. Optimization of problems spanning more than three objectives, called many- objective optimization, is often hard to achieve using modern algorithm design and currently available computational.

harald schwefel thesis Chemistry / 2003 university of cottbus, germany unep environmental resources management (erm) program thesis titles habilitation thesis: on the role of the natural sulfur cycle in the atmosphere phd thesis: kinetic studies of the removal of so2 in aerosol particles and cloud droplets ms thesis: contribution of.
Harald schwefel thesis
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